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Loft style in the design bedroom is very popular among those who appreciate comfort and individualityLoft style in the design bedroom is very popular among those who appreciate comfort and individualnostInterer as a person's mood, can be changeable. It can make a softer, tough, bright, or washed out. At present, for decoration use a variety of interior styles, such as baroque, classical or modern. No less popular is considered a loft style. It is modern, original and allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere for your stay.

Distinguishing features a loft bedroom

Bedroom loft-style room may remind made of the premises previously used as a warehouse, manufactory or attic. This is evidenced by the presence of high ceilings, large windows, as well as the minimum amount of jewelry and some negligence in the design.

Naturally, it is not necessary to look for the building with warehouses to equip their homes there, just follow the advice of designers and rely on their senses.

It is thus able to create the coveted interior. Require very careful use of every square meter of bedroom, as well as not to lose sight of competent plated finish walls and ceiling.

The decor in the bedroom loft should be minimal and non-standardThe decor in the bedroom loft should be minimal and non-standard

Distinctive features:

  1. Furniture should be compact and multifunctional.
  2. The color scheme should include natural and natural shades, the cold tones.
  3. Is to abandon the partitions or artificially-constructed walls. The room should be large to the maximum.
  4. You can combine a variety of textures of materials.

The whole design of the room should be as concise. Initially, such a room can create a feeling lifeless and cold, but it is only at first glance. In fact, it is very comfortable and cozy.

Interior of a bedroom in the loft

Style loft bedrooms in the interior is considered to be industrial or factory, because originally it was used for decoration of factories and workshops, which later were equipped for living. Many compare it with the rebellion and the bourgeoisie.

Bedroom in the loft - open space, the ability to create and realize their dreams in lifeBedroom in the loft - open space, the ability to create and realize their dreams in life

There are the basic characteristics of a loft-style bedroom, which set it apart from many others:

  1. Townhouse - is, though rebellious, but at the same time peaceful and cozy style. Due to the fact that the loft translates lofts, upper room and closed the attic, bedroom, made in the interior should remind them exactly. It allows you to make room for a maximum comfortable and pleasant, which is required for each room is used for recreation.
  2. A small room is not the most suitable option to select a loft style, but it is acceptable if it is intended for a teenager. To be more precise, for one person, for example, it can be male or female. The loft-style studio may be present, which not only carries the zoning of the space, but also adds visual space. Studio translucent worth doing that will add lightness.

With regards to color, as mentioned earlier, they should be natural. In particular, you can choose shades of gray, white, black and brick, amber, chocolate, sand, pine, sky-blue, wine and the like.

Bedroom design in the style of a loft

Modern style loft - is a chic way to arrange the bedroom to your liking, but with reference to the design decisions.

Bed in the bedroom loft should be large and always on low legsBed in the bedroom loft should be large and always on low legs

Suffice it to design holding decoration and furnishings and can achieve excellent results:

  1. Ceiling covering should include beams, reinforcement or vaulted structure. In the extreme case it is possible directly from the ceiling lay electrical wires, but with the overlay layer of insulation.
  2. The perfect choice for the floor will be a normal board, which specifically is aged artificially. This will create the effect of old facilities and shabby floor. The laminate tiles or flooring, but the essence can be used as a material for the floor remains the same. They need to wear out specifically or buy ready-made material with such effect. That's what creates the aesthetics of industrial design shops and warehouses.
  3. Windows - this is one of the main aspects of the loft style. In particular, they should be as large and high. If possible, they can be extended to the maximum and make equal with panoramic windows. Sills in this style - this is an exception, but to emphasize the style you can use retro radiators, for example a plate or cast iron type.
  4. By the choice of furniture should be approached as carefully. Furniture can be in today's high-tech and techno. In addition to the beds are two chairs in the style of the 60s. This incredible combination can significantly surprise, but the look will be just fine.

With regards to the cabinets, you can select a built-in installation in the entire length of the wall. If you want to hide them from the kind, you need to choose a disguise as a mirrored facade. If you want to make the room as close to the storerooms, it is possible to install instead of cabinets metal racks. With their help, you can break the standard of the room and the idea of ​​a comfortable bedroom.

Small bedroom in the loft

The combination of a small space with style loft is impossible in principle, but if you think about every little thing, something to delete, and to add something, then the option to create an interesting interior could happen.

Wardrobe in a small bedroom in the loft-style must match the length and width of one of the walls, then it will merge with the overall designWardrobe in a small bedroom in the loft-style must match the length and width of one of the walls, then it will merge with the overall design


  1. Such industry elements like iron ladder or ventilation pipe may be present in the design, but in limited quantities. No need to select multiple elements, because it is better to give preference to one of them that would not give the impression of congestion and confusion.
  2. For small rooms is suitable built-in closets, because they do not require a lot of space, as well as their proper dressing of visually expand the space. This trick is used frequently enough for all small bedrooms. The cabinet should be exactly the type of a coupe, as the construction with hinged doors - is the use of extra space, which is already small. 

Small bedroom is always limited in coverage, because you need to focus on a large number of lighting. If not enough natural light, it is necessary to additionally install an artificial light sources. Decoration of interior must be chosen in high-tech style, preferably with a metal frame and matte shades.

Bedroom in the loft-style white

White is always a symbol of cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness. It is because the style loft, which is simply based on the fact that there must be a lot of space and only fresh, light and lightness, often enough to create a bright, in particular white.

White bedroom loft-style draws its lightness and freshnessWhite bedroom loft-style draws its lightness and freshness

In this white bedroom should be not that enough is enough:

  • textiles;
  • furniture;
  • Door.

Everything else can have contrasting colors with white. For example, the black staircase or a poster in black and gray tones.

Making bedroom loft-style (video)

In conclusion, we add that the main feature loft-style bedroom is the presence of masonry, without which it is simply impossible to do. No need to cover all the walls of this material as sufficient formation of a certain object, such as decorating room to work, input, or does the fireplace. As a wall covering can be used acrylic or oil paints, which will make the room an unusual and modern.

Bedroom design in the style of Loft (interior photo)

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