Beautiful room – the person at home: design secrets

12 October 2017

Beautifully can equip any living room, regardless of its size and featuresBeautifully can equip any living room, regardless of its size and osobennosteySozdat interior room in the house is not easy, if the room has no standard size. For example, if the room is narrow, it is considered a great disadvantage. There is also the right side and the reverse it. Is completely equip any room, regardless of its form and dimensions, one has only to think intelligently project.

How beautifully furnish hall

There are many tricks you can use to visually make the room from the narrow - square.

For example:

  • Using photowall;
  • Pasting wallpaper the walls with horizontal stripes;
  • Application of decorative plaster.

With the help of beautiful decorative plaster can not only creatively decorate the living room, but also make it visually widerWith the help of beautiful decorative plaster can not only creatively decorate the living room, but also make it visually wider

In applying the Desktop, you should choose a wall that will accent the room. It should be bright and attract attention to themselves. As a rule, this is the end wall. If you select a longitudinal, the hall will be further narrowed down, which naturally is not required. Strongly advisable to use floor cloths with longitudinal and long lines, as this will only exacerbate the situation. To narrow living room is to select only light shades, furniture should not be placed on the walls, much better cooperate more elements in the center.

With regards to textiles, the drapes can choose bright and juicy, which will reduce the room.

Beautiful room: pictures in the house

Make a beautiful design of the room to receive guests with their own hands is not easy, but really. If the room is small in size, it is not a bad option for the expansion of space is to use a mirror.

With it, the room is:

  • spacious;
  • air;
  • Easy.

Make a spacious guest room, you can use the beautiful mirrors, which will be located on one of the walls of the roomMake a spacious guest room, you can use the beautiful mirrors, which will be located on one of the walls of the room

No need to overload the room a lot of furniture and purchase costs only everything you need. Decoration of the hall you need to consider in advance, and that for which it will use the space. For example, if the room is required for the reception and negotiations, it is natural there should be enough space for sitting.

If the room is designed for relaxation and family television viewing, then you need to pay attention to buy quality equipment.

Contemporary design features is that they must be individual and unique. Very stylish in a hall of any size will look modular furniture, both bed and wall. Choosing furniture factory just huge and have the opportunity to purchase products under the order of the desired size.

Wall-mounted TV is the perfect solution for small guest roomsWall-mounted TV is the perfect solution for small guest rooms

One can hardly imagine a single house without a television, but if the room is not too large in size, you can choose the wall model, which will not take up much space and will not deliver a hassle. The technique must always be in front of the couch so you can comfortably enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. If you pick up a stylish and capacious wall, it is possible to establish not only television, but also additional equipment in the room. Regardless of the size and on what is selected design living room, it should be perfectly illuminated. You should not be restricted to a large chandelier, you need to install additional light sources, such as spotlights, floor lamps and nightlights.

Make a beautiful room: pictures in the apartment

Furnish hall will help the designer, but it can be done independently. But some believe that it is easier to use an existing project than develop a new one. The most beautiful room is, if it is to consider everything as thoroughly, ranging from flooring and finishing textiles.

With regards to the style, it can be different, depending on personal preference. But if you want to make a stylish and trendy interior, you have to follow certain rules. For example, for a classical style acceptable luxurious interior, made exclusively from natural materials.

Choosing furniture for the living room, always pay attention to the quality and durabilityChoosing furniture for the living room, always pay attention to the quality and durability

In general, modern designers prefer to use furniture made of solid and durable wood.

There are many analogues, which will help draw the room more attractive. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that materials such as chipboard have less service life as opposed to wood. The choice of wood is enormous, both in color and in the properties, and can be defined with the help of experts in the furniture factories.

Repair beautiful large hall

Many dream of a large room, but not all have an idea of ​​exactly how they decorate and make a comfortable maximum. Of course, a spacious room - it's very good, but if the wrong place furniture or carry out repairs, it would lose its uniqueness. The most important thing is not to seek to combine several styles at the same time as a lot of space does not mean that you can place the different styles and decorative elements from opposite directions.

Living room should not be crowded with furniture, especially if it is not about zoning.

At present, many designers prefer not to simply pokleit wallpaper and use a three-dimensional image for the division of space into zones. For example, at work and for the reception or at all in the area for sleeping and for tea. Where there is a recreation area, must be sofas and chairs or a sofa corner model. The coffee table is a must in the hall, as that is where you can locate documents, tea set or a cake.

Additionally, you can decorate the living room decorative or real fireAdditionally, you can decorate the living room decorative or real fire

In addition, it is now fashionable to use the fireplace as a decoration of the hall. Do not be afraid to experiment, because the modern fireplace - a compact and completely safe design, which can work independently and without the use of these logs and fire. Just imagine that you can sit in the rocking chair and enjoy your holiday, relax and read your favorite newspaper.

Unusually will look the allocation of areas for the location of equipment, just do not leave too much space, because this is simply not required. Proper design of a large room will require a lot of time and effort, but the effect and the end result is worth it. In rooms with large dimensions need a lot of light. The best option would be to use multiple light sources, such as two small chandeliers or a plurality of spotlights. It is very fashionable to decorate a room illuminated upholstered furniture that looks a little unusual and stylish.

Beautiful living room interior (video)

Design development a huge number, and they can choose from a variety of elements and rules, but on the condition that it will not be piling up, and the disorderly arrangement of furniture and accessories. Every detail must be complementary, as well as being a unique and individual object in the room, whether textiles or engineering.

Design a beautiful room in an apartment (photo of the interior)

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