Beautiful cross-stitch unicorn, layout and photo works 30

Beautiful cross-stitch unicorn, layout and photo works 30

12 October 2017

For beginners craftswomen best suited monochrome embroidery machines CrossFor beginners craftswomen best suited monochrome embroidery machines krestomNe so important, on what basis is made cross-stitch unicorn scheme - the most important thing in all of this. That it is a sketch plan embroidery pattern itself as well as the location on the web structure. For beginners, it is more convenient to begin with a black and white embroidery, and only later can be taken and color. The most difficult thing in this case - to choose the right combination of thread and their shades.

Embroider unicorns: cross stitch kits

Cross-stitch, in fact, is one of the oldest methods of creating a drawing on a canvas. Bunch is in the cross, sometimes - with a longitudinal thread tightening. But the main seam is always carried a dagger, with smooth transitions, without stitches. Set the first line is from the region.

Scheme for embroidery cross, you can create your own or use the search on the InternetScheme for embroidery cross, you can create your own or use the search on the Internet

For convenience, you can pull the web (as well as its increasingly acts denim or just thin soft cotton) on the frame - so the seam will be more smooth and precise, with no distortions on the transitions.

Where to get a schema for drawing

  • Download thematic forums;
  • Process the photo in the editor (to add the effect of pasteurization, defines exactly square edges and blur the necessary format);
  • Make your own set on the basis of a drawing;
  • The old thematic magazines.

Among other things, social networks are a great source of information on the sketches. Free schemes spread themselves needlewoman in free circulation.

Scheme of cross-stitch unicorn monochrome without colored threads

For beginners, it is more convenient to use with cross stitch, whether it be a unicorn or some landscape - specific workpiece on canvas "Aida" type. Their key feature - the presence of visual squares, which is convenient to count the threads. 

Popular canvas Popular canvas "Aida" with distinct squares facilitate the embroidery process and reduce the number of errors in the initial stage of work

In addition to this there is provided on each square hole in the corner - you can use it as the main hook to the start of each cross. If you use Mono, you only need a black thread, if the base will light (or vice versa).

How does the crosses set - for this:

  • Is the first tie (from left to right for right-handed);
  • Screed must be diagonal, that is, through a conditional square;
  • Similarly performed second "Phillips" screed, but the thread falls from above the bottom.

This is a traditional scheme, but it is not suitable for those cases where the drawing is planned huge. It is better to first make all the diagonal tie from left to right, then - from right to left. In this case, the needle to set the new ties are always changing the direction of its tip (up and down alternately). It is thus considered to be the right seam.

Unicorn: cross-stitch finished product

So, deal with the fact how an embroidery, cross stitch, embroidery can be taken as a unicorn. Here everything is clear and not have any problems on your hands there is a prepared scheme. Typically, the pattern is created from the top down, but lines and squares conditional.

To end up with a smooth symmetrical pattern, cross stitch should begin with cloth centerTo end up with a smooth symmetrical pattern, cross stitch should begin with cloth center

The canvas can be divided into 9-12 sectors and in turn fill each part of the drawing. If there is a desire to decorate a sketch that will be most difficult to find the right color of thread.

It uses a few simple rules:

  • Focus on fiery hues;
  • The value of each cell is not changed during embroidery. That is, the diagonal crosses of all must be the same;
  • To create a paste, you can use a thin or thick thread. But the cross, as already mentioned above - is identical;
  • Embroider the product slowly, moving sector.

In no case should not change the way ties are placed on the canvas. If you started from left to right, it is recommended and leave. Only gain experience may be a change of direction, but if so provided by the original scheme of the workpiece.

Cross Stitch: "Unicorn" (video)

The last thing should focus - is on the preservation of a single form of the square on the whole picture. Change is permitted only if the canvas in addition to cross stitch is used another form of sewing. But for the implementation of this procedure it will take quite a lot of experience under his belt. This also applies to use of the base web than the "Aida" and the like, which is not visually noticeable squares and the entire flap is solid without holes. Initially this under each tie can be done with a pencil point - it is easily erased. With the experience will turn out to do embroidery, without any sketch on the canvas. 

embroidery cross schemes unicorn (photo)

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