Beautiful ceiling: the choice of rules for the Interior

Beautiful ceiling: the choice of rules for the Interior

12 October 2017

Beautiful plasterboard ceilings - is the original design, special configuration, a bright color paletteBeautiful plasterboard ceilings - is the original design, special configuration, bright color palitraPonyatie beautiful ceilings tensile so that the simple answer to the question, what is the most beautiful ceiling, it is very difficult. Beautiful ceilings - is hanging tiered, 3dpotolki, ceilings with moldings, MDF, etc. ceilings After reviewing the photo gallery or see you liked the ceiling at the home of friends or co-workers have, we can say with confidence that this is the ceiling you find beautiful, and want to arrange it at home. It remains only to summarize, on whether he can afford you, and by their own forces there.

How to make a beautiful ceiling with his hands

Beautiful ceiling with his hands can be done, but, again, not every ceiling.

There are ceilings that if they wanted to create their own hands, if not impossible, then at least, it is unlikely for several reasons.

What is the ceiling of the hardest to do?

Types of "difficult" ceilings

  • Tensioner. It requires a certain skill, dexterity. For him, needed heat gun, otherwise you will not exactly what you need, or to be more precise, it is not at all. However, there is a great alternative - Atlas ceiling. With his gun device is not needed.
  • Suspension. Actually, the suspended ceiling, too, is a kind of ceiling, but it is more complex, as already mentioned. By the same false ceilings Armstrong are the system, for example, as well as plasterboard ceilings.

Suspended ceiling made of high-tech PVC film, will make the interior of your apartment a unique and cozySuspended ceiling made of high-tech PVC film, will make the interior of your apartment a unique and cozy

 If the ceiling is made in the same level, the biggest challenges for the organizer of the ceiling does not arise, as a rule.

Of course, if the ceiling is multilevel, and furthermore, the combined (eg, drywall and tension), then for it is hardly necessary to undertake a layman from the construction and finishing.

Do not be scared rack ceiling, it is also not too difficult to install.

By simply ceilings, in addition to the ceilings mentioned, should include:

  1. Painted ceilings;
  2. Ceilings, pasted wallpaper;
  3. Ceilings, decorated with liquid wallpaper:
  4. Ceilings decorated ceiling foam plates.

Of course, before the listed types of work, it is necessary to produce sealing of cracks, joints, using it to the ground and plaster.

Dense wallpaper good hide surface imperfections, camouflages seams and joints in the ceilingDense wallpaper good hide surface imperfections, camouflages seams and joints in the ceiling

If you are confident in their abilities, and you have enough patience, then, armed with the knowledge that can be gleaned from articles, videos, selecting a single and unique ceiling for the base, rolled up their sleeves, get down to business! You will succeed!

Beautiful ceilings, walls and floors in a classic style

The design of the house has a value of everything: ceilings, walls and floors.

The house will not be a beautiful home, if at least one of these surfaces, "frighten", that is, some fall behind looks from others.

Everything looks nice and finished only in the aggregate. Because fashion is fickle, in general, the construction and finishing fashion, too, is no exception.

Making the interior, for example, in a classic style, it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements.

Requirements for the classic ceilings

  • All materials used must be only very good quality;
  • Confining ceiling, it is strongly recommended that designers, modeling, painting. However, the walls are too can and should be decorated in such a way.
  • The rooms are widely used and half-column. Do not interfere, and a fireplace, even decorative. All these things give pomposity room. However, you need to make one reservation: the room should not be very small, in order to make it all a fit.
  • Classic wallpaper - striped, that is always fashionable. Desirable bright beige tones.
  • In the living room, for example, next to the stucco must coexist large, elegant chandelier.

Painting the ceiling with his hands is available even novice master and much more profitable than the design of whitewash or wallpaperPainting the ceiling with his hands is available even novice master and much more profitable than the design of whitewash or wallpaper

Here is just one of the many options for harmonious interior. By and large, "trio" diagram of the device floor-ceiling-wall is very simple: everything has to be beautiful, harmonious and tasteful, regardless of style, materials, finishing techniques, and the total price for the entire repair. Believe me, there are very expensive, but expressionless, as a result, repairs.

Most interesting ceilings: What - decide for yourself

So what is "beautiful ceiling"? Stretch, 3D, multi-level suspended or simply smooth, white painted?

Ceilings can be beautiful only when all the work on their finishing done flawlessly.

The ceiling is beautiful only when it is really beautiful and not expensive, trendy, or made professionally. The most expensive ceiling can look pale, and even the poor, and the cheapest can give warmth and comfort home.

Modern ceilings and views (video)

Signs of beautiful ceiling:

  1. Perfect appearance, regardless of the complexity of the ceiling, their unit costs and style;
  2. Good, tasteful design;
  3. Fashion;
  4. Unique appearance;
  5. Originality.

It should add to all that everything is good in moderation. However, to live in this house to you, and not your counselor. So how do you know better how to arrange the ceiling, and that is really nice for you, not for your friends and relatives. And this guide!

Making the ceiling in the house

Not so easy to draw a ceiling in the house, the more so that this process is no less important than the design of the walls or floor.

The ceiling is the most important part of the interior, which should be the logical conclusion of all repairs of your home.

Photo printing on the ceiling not only transform the room, but also bring a touch of elegance and originality to any interiorPhoto printing on the ceiling not only transform the room, but also bring a touch of elegance and originality to any interior

The ceiling can be emphasized, that is, try to make it for them sharpened the focus of those who have been in your house, or maybe on the contrary, be just "ordinary" part of the room. The main thing that the ceiling was a full part of the entire house, and in harmony with its overall design.

Tips for ceiling design:

  • As he had not arranged a ceiling, it must "hide" all available after device defects;
  • The lighter and more neutral color of the ceiling, the room will be visually higher and more spacious;
  • All kinds of patterns and relief images can be simultaneously hide defects and create accents in the room;
  • One of the best ways of breaking down the room into zones - a multi-level ceiling, as well as properly fitted lamps;
  • Glossy ceilings, for example, can create in the room pseudo 3D effect of the ceiling, thanks to its mirror effect;
  • The simplest and most popular device of the ceiling, to date, is the ceiling construction of plasterboard. It is with this affordable all the material, you can create the most original, even fantastic shapes. With it, you can create whatever volume ceiling.
  • By and large, for finishing ceilings used a variety of materials, from cloth and leather to glass, stone and wood - no restrictions.
  • To date, the combined design is very relevant: a variety of materials can be combined with each other.
  • Very fashionable combinations: glossy walls and ceiling matt - fully glossy interior can distort, bend space.
  • Very popular ceiling "starry sky".

Traditional, classic materials, may quietly coexist with innovative materials, that is, may be the most daring experiments in the design of your home. Go for it!

Design ceiling plasterboard (video)

In conclusion, it is necessary to draw some conclusions. Beautiful ceiling - the most important point in the design of your apartment. However, some beautiful ceilings should not be limited, at least because the overall design of your home a good sum (in addition to the furniture, of course) of three main components: floor, walls and ceiling. All these planes should look attractive, so to speak, in the complex, that is, at once. It can coexist with good ceiling fails to decorate the walls or floor tatty. Everything has to be thought out and decided in advance and must be purchased in advance for all of this material, with which and will reach a harmonious design. Good luck in your projects!

Beautiful ceilings (photo)

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