Beautiful autumn Topiary of cones and foliage: complements the interior together

Beautiful autumn Topiary of cones and foliage: complements the interior together

12 October 2017

To create a topiary of cones need quite a bit of time and effortTo create a topiary of cones need quite a bit of time and usiliyTopiary from bumps - both simple and concise idea to create decorations for the new year with their own hands. And if we believe those handy people who are engaged in manufacturing Topiary is not the first year - a "symbol" to bring happiness and good luck to all family members. For its production will require only a few big bumps, pot, gravel, sand, wire, hot glue gun, as well as any other jewelry, beads, swarovski stones. Naturally, the creation of topiary cones can be practiced including children.

Topiary of cones with their hands: what to do necessary

Topiary of the cones is done in the same way as the familiar "tree of happiness." That is, to start with the foundation should be, no way serves the flower pot (which also can be made from readily available materials, for example - the old music records) and a wire frame. 

It is desirable to do it from a wire - it does not rot away with time, not shrinking, and perfectly holds the desired shape. What form to ask? And it depends only on the imagination of the master. It is possible - for the usual wood, it is possible - to invent. There is nothing wrong in the fact that the focus on photos of other Topiary.

Topiary of cones perfectly fit into any decor on the eve of New Year holidaysTopiary of cones perfectly fit into any decor on the eve of New Year holidays

The wire is secured to the pot better rigidly, e.g., puncture and tightening the reverse side. You can simply fill the entire bottom of the adhesive or sealant sanitary, there is only a wire twist several rings that the base was as tightly as possible. Next, you need to prepare their own hands cones to decorate "a tree." Best suited spruce, pine and although not worse. The main thing - their size. The bigger, the better. All pre-cones to dry and "roll out" to later have not strewed seeds.

To prevent fissuring cones themselves, you need to:

  • Several times they pour over boiling water before drying.
  • Sustain them warm for 15-20 days.
  • Handle with copper sulfate (just sprinkle by spraying, so that the solution was in all the cracks).

After the "blank" bumps and pot - can be taken directly to the creation topiary.

Topiary of cones: how to do step by step the tree of happiness

So, after preparing the foundations can engage directly gluing Topiary. The first thing you need to make the shape for the crown, and already it - to fix all the crafts. For this fit the same wire, on top of which is wound any tissue. The more will this hack - the better. It is desirable to make it hard, not soft like a toy. Basis in fact to be strong and to withstand quite a lot of weight load.

You can create more crafts from cones, most importantly, that the foundation was strong enoughYou can create more crafts from cones, most importantly, that the foundation was strong enough

The fabric is not unwound, it is better to sew, although you can do, and the most common staples for stiplera or even glue. And not necessarily make a completely flat crown shape. And can be a triangle, a pyramid, or even without any explicit form. The main thing - the end result is the master liked.

After the crown can be made for decoration topiary. Cones better mounted on the hot glue - it will be so durable and long-lasting. From above they can embellish sawdust, sequins or herbarium - as you like. 

To all of this in the future, attractive look, you need to:

  • Process all the hairspray (maximum lock).
  • The tops of the cones - process transparent nail polish.
  • Carefully vytrusit all the seeds (and some of the flakes lumps disappear - this is normal).

Topiary of cones: Master-on decorating class

It is natural that some cones do not work. They also need to embellish, and that's what it used to - solve each individually. Attach all decorations can again be the same on the adhesive on the paper clip or corny sew. If the tree is on the threshold of a new year, and need to decorate every New Year's decor.

Still, that can be used as a decoration? 

Creating a topiary, combine and experiment Unleash your imaginationCreating a topiary, combine and experiment Unleash your imagination

For these purposes fit:

  • Cap their acorns.
  • rowan berries.
  • "Bouquets" of chestnuts.
  • The needles of pine or fir.
  • Beads.
  • Foil.
  • Herbarium.
  • Woven grafts (better known as patchwork).

Naturally, this is represented by the shortest list that can be used for decoration. Someone did use autumn moss, leaves. the master class itself will have to demonstrate a combination of all these things in a "tree of happiness." But most importantly - any rules in this regard is not provided. Even allowed to combine seemingly incongruous composition. And not necessarily that they liked someone. "Tree of Happiness" made for himself!

Autumn Topiary of cones and leaves

The most unusual decor for topiary are ornaments of leaves. But what to do come up and how to use them? After all, in their own dried leaves are very brittle, crumble at the slightest physical impact. Fix it will help ordinary nail polish (colorless) or turning varnish, which is used for the final processing of furniture. That is, the composition of the leaves is done in several stages.

Apply paint using a brush to be. The thinner the layer - the better. And you can cheat and get by even without paint, but it would require a very ordinary adhesive tape (preferably wide).

The leaves and buds are perfectly combined in a single topiaryThe leaves and buds are perfectly combined in a single topiary

The sheet is adhered to the tape, after which - in the same way is glued to the back side. The entire piece of paper should be in the adhesive tape, with no protruding parts. Extra pieces of duct tape can be cut. 

Attach a décor Topiary, you can:

  • On hot glue (you need to be careful - the basis of the melt).
  • On the clips (if the base fabric - will be just right).
  • Pressing cones (linking it protruding scales).

How to make a winter topiary cones of (video)

There are no rules, how to prepare a topiary steps. The main thing - a solid foundation and researched in advance sketch. And as Topiary of cones is done in anticipation of the New Year, it should also decorate with artificial snow. Or other "New Year's" toys, whether it is serpentine, "rain", or even a real garland. By the way, if you use the latest, only the LED - in order to fire safety. 

Examples of topiary cones (photo)

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