Beautiful arches in hall of plasterboard: photo and 5 popular forms

Beautiful arches in hall of plasterboard: photo and 5 popular forms

12 October 2017

Make your home decor stylish and original, you can use the decorative archesMake your home decor stylish and original, you can use the decorative arkiArki plasterboard considered excellent decoration of many buildings. The construction features demand consists in the fact that the web is used to mount plasterboard, which is a versatile material. It is sold at a reasonable cost, easy to work with and most importantly it is perfectly flat, respectively, will not have to spend an additional plastering.

Photos of arches made of plasterboard in the hall: Types

Initially the arrangement of arches in a residential area has been held in Asia, and only later, this tradition spread throughout the world. It arches off with door and window openings, allowing you to create a kind of creative space. It should be noted that the form of arches and design for today may be very different. There are different shapes, finishes and decoration.

Plaster arch can be any shape and size, choose to be allowing for the premisesPlaster arch can be any shape and size, choose to be allowing for the premises

For example, the arch can be made:

  • round;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • Wide and narrow;
  • High and low.

Naturally, the choice of type and type depends on exactly which room will be mounting. Round and broad construct is used for zoning the living room, especially if there is a studio. Also, this option is suitable for those finishing rooms, where they make the union hall to the living quarters.

Asymmetrical arch is used in rooms with a creative design and where is dominated by irregular shapes. Arches of this type attract attention and become the focus areas, for example, if you want to visually conceal uneven ceiling and curved walls.

Arch made of plasterboard in the hall: photo and styles

Arch in the hallway can be a worthy ornament of the whole house, if you make it carefully and so that it fits into the interior.

But at the same time, it is important that the arch had the typical features of the corridor, because each room is unique and special in its own way:

  1. If the hall is made in the classic style, the arch should be wide and high, and the standard bend.
  2. For corridors in high-tech style can be selected arches that make the room more light, for example, equipped with a backlight.
  3. Arches in the corridors in the style of post-modernism or Art Deco decorated with stucco, both natural and artificial.

Arch decorative element is able to decorate and almost any decorArch decorative element is able to decorate and almost any decor

For those who are fond of Eastern culture, and wishes to make an arched drywall construction, only based on the desire to imitate the style of the East, it is necessary to give advice and it will be that then have to decorate the house for the east. If the room is done in a modern style, and the corridor is decorated with carpets, fabrics and domed arches - it will look somewhat ridiculous and extremely harmonious.

The standard option for the arches of the corridor is considered a semi-circular or even square. They can be decorated according to your preference and they never go out of fashion.

Due to the fact that the corridor - a small and sometimes not too lit room, it is square and high arches will help expand the space visually and raise ceilings. In general, the arch, set within the corridor will look optimal, if the room itself is wide and large. In normal cases, the need to use the arch designs for decorating the doorways of the corridor in the other rooms.

How are the arch in the hallway of plasterboard

As already mentioned, beautiful arches may contain room, and it is possible to arrange them in the hallway. The advantage is namely for living rooms, as they have sufficient dimensions to accommodate the drywall construction. Originality and type of arches depends solely on the household or by the designer, which is engaged in furnishing the interior. Arch decoration options can be myriad. Some carried a painting with latex paint, while others prefer to impose a natural or artificial stone, hang pictures or flower pots.

Decor will look dignified and appropriate only under the condition that it is sufficient, but not a lot and it is appropriate in the interior of the room.

Make arch of the drywall can be independently, most importantly - to take into account tips and expert adviceMake arch of the drywall can be independently, most importantly - to take into account tips and expert advice

To make competent arch in the room, you should pay attention to a number of recommendations:

  1. When forming arches need to make frequent cuts in the arched profile, which would make a sharp bend.
  2. Arches on both sides are trimmed sheets GCR.
  3. If too thin sheets of drywall, the plating is carried double (both sides).
  4. For secure connections sheets, you need to install special lintel.
  5. To bend the drywall, you need to soak it thoroughly with water and wait for about 20 minutes.

If there is a large bending radius, it is necessary to choose the GCR thin sheets, which did not work harder. With regards to the finish arch layer, then, again, the choice is great.

This can be:

  • Molded;
  • moldings;
  • Plastic and similar materials.

Most importantly, all harmoniously combined with the whole apartment. For decorating the arch lining, it is necessary to newly installed design a coat of plaster, let it dry, and then spend grinding. In addition, the need to carefully primed coating to prevent moisture formation, mildew and rot. After that you can safely mount the wooden lining fabric.

An alternative would be the installation moldings. Such products look fashionable and modern, plus they can be made of plastic, plaster and polyurethane.

Decor will be a great addition to any composition. To install the molding, the arch should be carefully proshtukaturena, sanded and painted in the desired shade. Only then held installation moldings.

Installing the arches for the hall of plasterboard

When installing the arches in the hall need to be defined so as to exactly what height it will be posted. Naturally height depends primarily on the ceiling surface.

Before installing a plaster arch should first make its layout, consider the design and locationBefore installing a plaster arch should first make its layout, consider the design and location

Installation directly by the arch and its skin is necessarily spent strictly on technology:

  1. On the drywall sheet drawn shape the future of fabric for blouses arches.
  2. Be sure to repeatedly check that the opening and drawing.
  3. Sawing is carried eletrolobzikom.
  4. Drawing the second part of the arch can be done with the first one, simply attach it to the material as a stencil. Thus, it can be 100% sure that the two parts are identical to each other.
  5. When bending webs for covering the end or in other words the bottom part of the arch, it is necessary to be as accurate. For this purpose, the power method, and the web is pressed, the bricks bent to the desired radius. As has been stated previously that the material bent and did not break, it is moistened with water and allowed to dry completely.

Fixing structure carried on the frame of the metal profile by means of screws. Fasteners can select universal that go for metal and GCR.

arch assembly in the hall of plasterboard (video)

In conclusion, we give advice - if you can not make the sheet bend GCR, it is possible to sheathe the profile of several pieces of drywall material clearly carving out each element of the opening width.

arch design in the hall of plasterboard (interior photo)

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