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Embroider letters is quite simple, with this case is easy to handle even a childEmbroider letters is quite simple, with this case is easy to handle even rebenokRazlichnye creative products - crafts, drawings, paintings, embroidery can be decorated with any inscription. Today it is fashionable, but there is something in this "retro", well, vintage style of recent years, in special honor. Lovers of embroidery, especially - the cross, often have to deal with embroidered letters. Images are combined with letters, and eventually obtained a graceful metrics that can be embroidered with your own hands.

Cross Stitch: the alphabet in different styles and fonts

There is a very simple fonts that do not require special skills, they embroider very easy even for those who do not cross sewing. Usually, there are numbers and letters in the samples. Schemes such embroidery just reading, problems in the process does not occur.

Tip: small fonts, if will work with them to embroider better monochromatic yarn having a contrasting color, so they do not get lost on the general background.

To date, there are many schemes with all kinds of images of lettersTo date, there are many schemes with all kinds of images of letters

Fonts larger size have to be complicated - they and embroidery take up more space, but also the visibility of their higher. And even these schemes are not very difficult, although children can choose a special scheme.

Children alphabet: inscriptions cross

Various children's stuff you can also decorate with cross embroidery. You can start with the simplest - a small handkerchief, continue attributes bedding, hygiene products. Once such decorative overlays are needed to kids do not mix things up, such as in the garden.

So, embroidering the baby's name on the scarf, you get not only a beautiful handkerchief, but also to ensure greater safety of things. In such cases, often used the Russian alphabet, but also take on the development of English often.

The letters can be embroidered on the children's things, or objects of textilesThe letters can be embroidered on the children's things, or objects of textiles

interesting ideas

  • For younger children often embroider a whole alphabet on the canvas properly decorate it, hung on the wall, and the child learns letters;
  • A circle the alphabet decorated with images, pleasant child - toys, flowers, birds, cute elements;
  • The colors of the alphabet should be bright, and embroidered items - familiar to the child;
  • It is logical to complement the letters and the digital side.

Flower letter - a separate issue, but this alphabet in flower framed particularly fond of children.

embroidery cross schemes Russian alphabet gifts with embroidery

now very fashionable - so you can decorate and gift for girls and ladies are older, and for the child, of course. Most often it is drawn so wedding towel. The fonts can be used both simple and fancy.

Fonts can have:

  • Vegetable curls;
  • flowers;
  • Oberezhnuyu symbolism;
  • Symbolic different cultures.

You can embroider a cross and the letter to present it as a giftYou can embroider a cross and the letter to present it as a gift

For this product, you can buy a ready-made thing, to be exact - a special preparation, where the edges have been processed. The main thing that was a blank suitable weave, the letters do not deform the original size.

For gifts for other celebration you can attach a beautiful bow decorative handkerchief monogrammed. For her, the most suitable are considered fonts with italic letters have to be delicate, have zavitochki and monogram.

English alphabet cross stitch scheme: where to get ideas

There are various ready already developed popular series like Alphabet Prive, where there is a scheme for almost every letter. They are suitable for metrics and embroideries with some symbolic inscriptions.

English alphabet letters on embroidery is quite popular needlewomenEnglish alphabet letters on embroidery is quite popular needlewomen

Very often, the English alphabet is used if we embroider festive products for Christmas or Easter. Usually the letters there immediately attached frame in the form of thematic images - chickens and rabbits for the Easter day, candles, candy canes for Christmas, but what you can "leave" with a greeting embroidered birthday present on Pirozhenko and candy bar.

Embroider letter cross (video)

Alphabet - a mandatory element of cross stitch, if you are going to embroider metrics or symbolic inscriptions. Save your favorite scheme to a separate folder, and you'll thank yourself for such a useful archive.

embroidery cross schemes letters (photo)

Beautiful alphabet - cross-stitch scheme Beautiful alphabet - cross-stitch scheme A D E F G H I K

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