Author's cross stitch scheme: important nuances to needlewomen

Author’s cross stitch scheme: important nuances to needlewomen

12 October 2017

With copyright schemes can create different embroideries, which are well fit into the interiorWith copyright schemes can create different embroidery, which is well fit in the interior is one large portal offers a large collection of embroidery patterns. There is not only a scheme, but also comments the authors who created these designs as well as the necessary information about the authors. So you can "wander" in some interesting blog that is needlewoman. And you will see not only her work but get acquainted with the nuances of cross stitch, someone's experience.

Authors cross stitch: who they are

Go to the same well-trodden path, subscribe to the blog known needlewoman. If you are just starting to embroider, and so much you are not familiar with, then work just under the schemes go, it can be said, on a whim, it is not so easy. A popular bloggers so great are their pages that drag the process of a new kind of creativity is faster and more fun.

For example, type in the search for "embroidery lessons" and find a blog site where several umelitsy share their tips. One of these blogs is embroiderer by Svetlana nickname. She writes a lot about embroidery, detail and simply lays out the video tutorials, bringing the number of its fans is only growing. So the scheme, of course, can be found there as well.

This author's scheme will help to create beautiful embroidery that can be hung in the nurseryThis author's scheme will help to create beautiful embroidery that can be hung in the nursery

Became popular and such blogs embroiderers:

  • Nellie;
  • Vasilinkiny track;
  • English style;
  • Flower imagination;
  • Blog lovers of Japanese designs, etc.

If you do a little exercise autonomy in work on the circuit, keep all their schemes - may be appropriate to share with associates. This also applies to other types of handicrafts such as knitting, patchwork, embroidery embroidery, etc.

Author's schemes for cross stitch: advice to the needle

Followers bloggers needlewomen reach large sizes. Because they enjoy it and convey to the audience their assumptions about art. It is especially useful to read this beginners to the most important knowledge they derived not from strict books, but of living diary.

Such complex patterns should be selected if you have sewing experienceSuch complex patterns should be selected if you have sewing experience

For example, you can select introductory tips for beginners:

  • Cut off the desired piece of canvas, and the edges of the processed PVA glue;
  • Fabric fold 4-fold, to find the middle of the web;
  • Start to embroider from the center, this is like the best;
  • On the reverse side to fix the thread - do not make her a bundle, the thread will be locked superimposed stitches;
  • First lay the stitches in one direction, then in another, common lower stezhochki superimposed right upper well and - left;
  • While embroidering strings do not pull hard, otherwise the picture will not be aesthetically pleasing;
  • The finished product is to be washed in soapy water, and steam the inside out, and do it as long as the fabric is still damp.

Not only linen or cotton fabric is used today, you can purchase plastic and canvas, and a water-soluble, and stramin. And the choice of the hoop a lot.

Copyright kits for cross stitch: great potential

Today on the Internet you can find anything you want. Moreover, not only the schemes and notes on blogs may interest you. You can even order a ready-made set of authors, where everything is gathered together to start working - from the hoop to the threads. No need to run around to look for anything, just open the box and start to sew.

Embroidery, made by the author's schemes are a great original giftEmbroidery, made by the author's schemes are a great original gift

Of course, first necessary to consider the scheme, to read, to understand all. It is very convenient, but it may have to spend money would have done. Still, their findings and also the efforts of the author lays in the price.

Author's schemes, thread and fabric for cross stitch (video)

Author's schemes deserve and that you respect the creator's rights scheme. If you are trying to post somewhere in the network of their work, specify the schema of the author, which you have used. This is an honest and decent, just, are obliged to spread and link to you if you are the author of a particular scheme.

Successful work!

Various schemes for copyrights cross stitch (photo)

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