Attic stairs Fakro: 3 reasons for choosing

Attic stairs Fakro: 3 reasons for choosing

12 October 2017

Attic stairs Fakro are quite popular because they are safe and practicalAttic stairs Fakro are quite popular because they are safe and praktichnyeKak usually Fakro wooden staircase from natural pine, but there are also metal. Choice, of course, depends entirely on the customer. The product allows for safe lifting from the ground floor to the second in a private home. After the operation finishes, Farcot ladder is folded and stored under the ceiling, which requires little additional space. Such home furnishings fit into any style of room. Basically, they are used for private homes, but it is possible to install in the garage, in the warehouse or any other room.

Original attic stairs Fakro

When buying such a lifting mechanism, can greatly save not only money, but also to set the time, as the installation is not difficult to carry out.

Ladder Fakro - is:

  • Convenience;
  • Availability;
  • Comfort.

Stairs Fakro advantage lies in its accessibilityStairs Fakro advantage lies in its accessibility

These qualities allow products to gain popularity in literally every day. In addition, the staircase compact, functional, and most importantly, easy to install. cover thickness is about 36 mm and made it into a frame lined with sheets of fiberboard.

The space inside the frame is filled using the filler of foam or Styrofoam, insulation layer if needed. On the outside surface smooth. The lid is opened and closed through the metal bars and locks. Installing structure requires maximum accuracy, the lid tightly closed, and no differences with aperture sizes.

Thanks to the corner pieces, stair set firmly and clearly, and is stable.

In order to increase the strength of the product, you need to fix the steps of the technique of dovetail so that when folded they do not touch the lid.

Types of ladders Fakro

Before installing attic stairs from the Polish manufacturer, you need to determine the type of structure.

There are various options for attic stairs, pick up that should be given an interior roomThere are various options for attic stairs, pick up that should be given an interior room

This can be:

  1. Comfort - lwk.
  2. Smart-lws.
  3. Thermo-ltk.
  4. Fakro (LWM).
  5. Thermal insulation - lst.

Each type of ladder has its own peculiarities. For example, a ladder type Smart-lws performed exclusively from pine wood, it is supplemented with the cover insulator, and has a hatch 36 mm thick. Model Komfort lwt manufactured not only from pine wood and the highest category, and also has a hatch with a thickness of 36 mm. This design is just perfect look on the bright ceiling. As a rule, the product consists of 3-4 sections, as well as the side of the metal handrail, for ease of use and security.

The ladder rubber lugs are present, which prevents damage to the floor covering during opening.

Design features Fakro ladder

Ladder Fakro Basic - is not just a set of high-quality components for the lift to the second floor, and elaborate the elements by which the super structure is formed.

Many people prefer to choose the stairs Fakro, because they are characterized by high quality and reliabilityMany people prefer to choose the stairs Fakro, because they are characterized by high quality and reliability

Components of the stairs - is:

  • Lateral longitudinal beams;
  • The horizontal stage;
  • Connecting the side members.

It is these components strengthens the product and make it more durable. Technology development was to create not just a sliding ladder, and make it as stable and able to serve for many years with regular heavy loads.

On the steps, irrespective of the ladder, has special anti-slip longitudinal recess through which to avoid slipping during descent and ascent.

Fakro ladder: the dimensions and features

Dimensions Farko stairs can be different. In particular, you can buy ready-made design a standard format.

Before installing a ladder must advance to make measurements of width and length of the openingBefore installing a ladder must advance to make measurements of width and length of the opening

However, before the acquisition, it is necessary to measure:

  • Height from first to second floor;
  • Width of the opening;
  • The length of the opening.

In standard attic stairs base height is considered 270-350 cm. The angle is 50-75 degrees, and the stem may be less than 1 m. Buying wooden constructions, is to choose a longer length, and, if required, it can be easily removed.

If the ladder metal scissor, several sectors can be attached to it.

Standard size hatch considered 60-70h120-140 see. It is undesirable to use a larger size, as it will provoke serious heat loss. When creating the opening, you need to make an additional margin of 5 cm on each side. It will then be clearly observed norms mounting attic ladder.

As a rule, the sale of stairs, vendors offer not only an additional attachment material, but also services for installation, than you should use, if there is no skill to install such facilities, as it can lead to extreme cases.

Installing attic stairs Fakro

What is the feature of the attic stairs Farko Plus? The fact that their installation is, in principle, no problem and understand is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Install attic stairs Fakro can own, the main thing - carefully read the instructionsInstall attic stairs Fakro can own, the main thing - carefully read the instructions

One only has to follow the instructions:

  1. It is necessary to check that the opening of the hatch and sizes.
  2. On the lower part of the hatch is fastened to the auxiliary board ladder supports in unfolded form.
  3. In operation, require use of the key 10, foam, and the protractor screwdriver with screws.
  4. Staircase rises and leans on the supporting board.
  5. At the time of mounting the staircase box you need to withstand the straightness. To do this, between the end parts in the opening of the box and insert a spacer.
  6. Ladder box is fastened with screws on both sides.
  7. Further, the reference board is removed and extendible ladder. Until the completion of the assembly work, you need to stay on the second floor, since, while the design is not set, step on it is strictly prohibited.
  8. Further filled using foam staircase openings between casing and opening in the ceiling.
  9. It is necessary to loosen the screws and fold the ladder to finish.
  10. Further tightened the bolts tight.
  11. Then, a removal element ladders, if it is too long, or addition. If the iron stairs, you can add the desired segments.

If required, we can carry out the regulation of the inclination of the ladder. To do this, you need to move the location of the lateral supports.

Attic stairs Fakro: reviews

Stairs Fakro very positive feedback, and use them almost everywhere. Or to be more precise, in the industrial and residential buildings.

Fakro ladder beautifully decorate the interior virtually any roomFakro ladder beautifully decorate the interior virtually any room

Demand for construction is quite justified, because they are:

  • They are made from environmentally friendly material;
  • Have caps to protect the floor surface from the appearance of chips, scratches and downtrodden;
  • Mounted on a simplified mounting system in the form of a folding;
  • Allow to increase the distance between the door and steps;
  • They have heat-insulated hatches;
  • Fitted with anti-slip steps;
  • Equipped with handrails of metal;
  • They can be established, and without the help of professionals and on their own;
  • Has a system of folding steps in the form of a dovetail.

In general, the ladder Fakro - a lightweight folding design, which consist of sections 3-4. Manufactured from wood and metal, have a higher quality. In particular, if it is a wooden structure, then on the canvas will not knot or chipping. Excellent finish, the best views and maximum forethought. Thanks to built the castle, you can lock the door, restricting access to the attic. Folded staircase is not visible, because it looks as a compact unit, assembled and stored on the ceiling.

Installing attic stairs Fakro (video)

easy installation, excellent decor and weight advantages. All this can be obtained through the acquisition of conventional loft ladders from the company Fakro.

Examples Fakro ladders (photo)

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