As used wall panels of plasterboard

As used wall panels of plasterboard

12 October 2017

To date, a popular option walls are plasterboard wall panelTo date, a popular option walls are plasterboard wall paneliNovoe generation of finishing material is gaining in popularity and demand. Today, the wall panels used with great success for facing various surfaces. Material environmentally safe for humans, and has a high performance. This fire resistance, moisture resistance, and sound and heat insulation, high quality plastic coated with wines and other sludge starting material. The main purpose of gypsum panels is to create partitions in a residential area or in the office. As well as lining the walls, the supporting structure or other interior elements.

Basic rules fixing drywall panels on MDF

Experts know that there are two basic methods for panel mounting. But each of them, in spite of differences, provided the general requirements that must be followed in the process of finishing. Typically, secured on the MDF panels of drywall can carcass method or by using a special adhesive.

Before installing drywall panels should be pre-erected frameBefore installing drywall panels should be pre-erected frame

Basic rules of operation:

  1. Firstly, MDF panels can not be bent, it can be except that the crop. This applies to installation of the product in a corner. It uses a special tool. After cutting to the edge sets up a special area. Such panels installation method can be used inside or outside.
  2. Secondly, in the case of a frame mounting the panels is the bottom bracket should lie on the floor. This will allow securely plinth.
  3. Thirdly, in order to prevent distortion design, the first panel must be secured using a builder's level. After all measurements, well fix it with screws. Downstairs they close plinths, above the ceiling, in a corner of a decorative plate.

Set design in offices, sports and recreational facilities. And also, in the cultural and entertainment areas of health and medical organizations, administrative and industrial buildings. In educational institutions, residential apartments and houses, shops and shopping centers.

Supervise all the work building level is not required, but is recommended after every fifth bar.

Used for the production of impact-resistant and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, the panel resistant to light, do not require careful maintenance, can withstand various kinds of impact.

Advantageous features of GCR panels

Demand for the product is growing. And this is not surprising, because the products are high-quality and durable, helps in the repair process to decorate any surface. Most stylish and practical solution for the decoration of the room. Therefore, it is worth noting their strengths and positive qualities.

The advantage gipsokartonnnyh panels that fasten them to the wall can be quickly and easilyThe advantage gipsokartonnnyh panels that fasten them to the wall can be quickly and easily

Benefits panels GCR:

  1. Before their installation does not require pre-treatment;
  2. Immediately after finishing the room can be operated;
  3. Finishing panels can save access to communications systems, without damaging the decorative coating;
  4. Panels optimize the cost of finishing work;

Plasterboard panels are used not only as a facing material. They are used to build load-bearing structures. Or as a light interior partitions. They are easy to install and do not require too much space.

It is based on gypsum board, and the top panel is coated with a solid film, it protects the product against mechanical damage.

With panels can mimic natural organic materials. For example, wood or stone, or decorate an interior room original ideas in the classical style. Contemporary plain wall panels allow to decorate any interior room.

Decorative wall panels GCR

Products based on gypsum board used as a budget option to align or to decorate the walls. Also, install soundproof partitions in the room. They are made using a hot press of gypsum and construction paper, so they are used mainly for interior decoration of the room.

To make an interior room original and stylish will help you a beautiful bar GCRTo make an interior room original and stylish will help you a beautiful bar GCR

Due to its positive qualities and characteristics of the production of GCR panel make it easy to furnish the room. There is no need to align or plaster, paint the walls to decorate homes.

Thanks to a special coating on the panel for a long time retain their appearance. They facilitate maintenance. To install them do not need special knowledge or skills. Everything is easy and simple. Moreover, due to the environmentally friendly material that is used for production, the FCL panel used in kindergartens and schools.

Features panel:

  • Qualitative coating;
  • Reliability;
  • The original interior solutions;
  • Fire safety.

To create the interior does not have to paint the walls or wallpaper glue. Suffice it to install plasterboard decorative panels. They are very popular in the field of building as a covering material. By automating the process, the installation of decorative cladding panels made quickly.

Performing installation of PVC panels on plasterboard

When the choice falls on the plastic panel of plasterboard, not many people know how to perform the installation. If you follow the advice of qualified professionals, work can be done independently. Typically, install PVC panels to drywall use two basic methods to be considered in more detail.

Install plasterboard panels on the wall can independently, most importantly - Obtain all the necessary materials and tools for the jobInstall plasterboard panels on the wall can independently, most importantly - Obtain all the necessary materials and tools for the job

mounting methods:

  1. Special self-tapping screws to the wooden frame. In this case, you should consider how fixed bearing profiles. If they are arranged in a horizontal position, then the panel is placed vertically. And vice versa. Attach follows on the carrier profile. If the product spread horizontally, then they are fixed from the ground upwards. In the case of vertical installation of the work carried out in the direction of the door or window.
  2. Special adhesive. In this method you can mount the panel in any direction, it is not so important. Moreover, and to align this surface is not required, as it is in itself is flat. Experts recommend the use of liquid nails. Means applied on the reverse side of the perimeter. Wait for some time to glue soaked, to make the panel, and press it.

If you use both methods of mounting the panels, they will hold tighter. First put the product called Glue, and then fasten with screws. But in this case it is necessary to remember about setting rules for each method separately.

Install wall panels of plasterboard (video)

This information will help to establish independent forces decorative panels in the room. Run finish without specific knowledge and skills. We can say with certainty that such panels would be budget solution furnish any room. Moreover, they help to hide all the flaws of the walls, thus reducing repair costs. Decorative panels can be finished with not only the walls, but doors, windows, columns, ceilings, and other various structures inside. With their help, you can create an unusual, original design, even in any public building.


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