Time Travelers: Teaching American History in the Northwest

Site Map – Index to American History Topics

American Expansion (1700s–1880)

Unit One: The Northwest before Europeans: People, Land & Resources (1770s–1790)

Unit Two: Coastal and Inland Exploration and the Fur Trade (1790–1830)

Unit Three: Missionaries, the Oregon Trail and First Treaties (1830s–1850s)

Unit Four: Transportation, Economic Growth, and Indian Wars and Policies (1850s–1870s)

Unit Five: Railroads, Telegraph Lines, Settlement and Statehood, (1870s–1880s)

Technology Transforms the Northwest (1880s–1940)

Unit 1: The Late Nineteenth Century

Unit 2: The Early Twentieth Century

Unit 3: The Interwar Years

Nationalizing and Globalizing (1940–2000)

Unit One: World War II and its Aftermath

Unit Two: Social and Political Trends of the 1950s–1960s

Unit Three: Economics and the Environment

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