A variety of fabrics for patchwork

A variety of fabrics for patchwork

12 October 2017

Patchwork Fabrics amazing variety of colors and printsPatchwork Fabrics amazing variety of colors and prints modern market of textile products, including Web sites, such as aliekspress abound in a variety of beauty and brightness of fabrics for patchwork. Novice needle women first need to understand what kind of fabric for patchwork can be used in his work. Also, no harm will be to understand what constitutes patchwork applique or mosaic.

Patchwork mosaic of fabrics: history and basic techniques

Creating a patchwork mosaic - employment is quite old, but today it attracts a large number of women. It is only necessary to prepare a set of patches for sewing, and in this technique, you can create all the creative heart's content: blankets, a skirt, a dress or a jacket, or even New Year's toys and accessories.

Creating a patchwork mosaic - employment is quite old, but extremely excitingCreating a patchwork mosaic - employment is quite old, but extremely exciting

Today patchwork captures large Russian cities, including Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and many others. Whence originates technique patchwork mosaic? This work has been developed for a long time. First of all, at first it did not work there at all, but rather a master frugality. After all, before women did not have an opportunity to buy a large fabric by the meter, so that all scraps carefully beware, and if necessary, sewn in canvas, which for example, can be used as bedding.

In general, today, can not safely be called the home of patchwork, as some sources say that needlework was born in Egypt, others say that he came from the American frontier. But regardless of the place of birth patchwork, now it is an excellent way not only to occupy free time and give their creative impulses occur, but not bad at the same time earn.

This ancient work, of course, has several types and performance techniques:

  • classic patchwork;
  • quilting;
  • knitted patchwork;
  • crazy-quilt;
  • Japanese style patchwork.

The first kind of patchwork, as a rule, aims to create a useful thing, one that can be useful in the economy. Patterns typically connected in-degenerate art in the form of geometric shapes.

Quilting, in fact, to create a quilted fabric. In this technique a diverse range of patches can be used, the main condition is only the application of a large number of stitches, stitches and techniques decorative nature.

Knitted patchwork a little different from other kinds of creating a patchwork mosaic. When creating products in this type of equipment used unconventional way of collecting scraps in a single composition. To do this, use a crochet hook and a contrasting thread. Products with the same shaking their beauty.

Crazy beauty products can be created in the technique of crazy-quilt. This type of needlework implies the use of different patches, not only in color but also in form. Furthermore encouraged the use of all kinds of beads, embroidery and other decorative elements that can hide the seams.

A lover of physical beauty imbued with sympathy for this kind of patchwork as Japanese. This technique is performed using silk, so things created in the style of Japanese patchwork, no different practicality.

Patchwork applique fabric: the idea of ​​co-creation of adults and children

Needlework patchwork technique is not truly "adult" occupation. With some species may well handle children over three years, of course, with the help of adults. This kind of art is developing fine motor skills, fantasy, plodding, orderly.

Needlework patchwork technique develops in children fine motor skills, perseverance and imaginationNeedlework patchwork technique develops in children fine motor skills, perseverance and imagination

First we need to choose what kind of image will generate a small creator. Furthermore, it should be defined with which the gamma will prevail.

The child to perform patchwork appliqué, of course, require not only scraps, but also:

  1. the hoop;
  2. scissors;
  3. glue;
  4. needles;
  5. threads and pins.

And, of course, need to help mom or another adult.

For the little ones for a start you can choose the fabric with a large image, such as a fish or a small tree. Select a picture you want to cut and paste on a path to a different fabric. This is the easiest way to applications. For such creativity should choose cotton fabrics.

Older children can be offered appliqué more complicated: using a variety of patchwork structure and a more complex composition. But it is important to consider that different in the structure of the fabric wash field can change shape, so before applique scraps need to wash or soaking in warm water, to iron. Not be amiss and starched cloth potato starch or flour paste. Synthetics better wet in the gelatin, but do not iron.

Subjects performing patchwork appliqués can be quite varied: landscapes, portraits, fabulous animals or abstract applique. It all depends on the imagination of the child.

The finished work can be placed in a beautiful frame, and enjoy looking at it every day. In addition, this application can be an original gift.

American fabric for patchwork: what are their advantages

To date, needle women who have decided to do patchwork, producers represent a large range of different fabrics. It is both Russian and American, and Korean kviltingovye tissue. You can also order fabric from China.

To date, manufacturers offer a large range of fabrics for patchworkTo date, manufacturers offer a large range of fabrics for patchwork

Expanding on the American tissue, it must be said that the most famous produced in the United States, fabrics are fabrics sold under the brand name "Rerru".

Above kviltingovymi American fabrics employs upscale designers and other production workers. That is why the US differ from other tissues significantly better quality. Bright colors, unique design, the evenness of application pattern - this is not all the distinctive features kviltingovyh fabrics from America. In addition, special kviltingovye tissue developed in the United States have fairly frequent weaving.

This item is also important also to create beautiful items in patchwork. Fabric with woven not crumble and keep their shape very well, and this in turn significantly facilitates the work of seamstresses, needle women. In addition, choosing the fabric of one firm, it is possible to create beautiful paintings, since the color of different fabrics developed taking into account the fact that they were convenient to link together.

Korean fabric for patchwork: ecology and beauty

In addition to well-publicized American fabrics are also very popular Korean fabric for home work - patchwork.

Fabrics Korean manufacturers are ideal for sewing forgeryFabrics Korean manufacturers are ideal for sewing forgery

These fabrics will be ideal for the needle women, created

  • Kids toys;
  • tilde;
  • clothing for dolls;
  • various educational books for children.

 South Korean firms from tissues obtained colorful or vice versa is very delicate baby photo albums, boxes for storage, "my mother's treasure", as well as, a variety of cards.

Tissue that creates South Korea, are the most natural and environmentally safe. Besides their drawings and colors recognized by a large number of skilled workers is quite pleasant and comfortable even for creating home decor items.

An important advantage of Korean fabrics is the fact that the pattern on them is very strong, it does not fade under the bright rays of the sun and does not wash when washing with hot water. This obvious plus Korean fabrics attracted to use them more and more skilled workers from different countries.

Soft and pleasant to touch these fabrics also serve only to benefit the Korean manufacturers.

Fabrics for patchwork (video)

Korean fabrics are a real treasure for the masters who have devoted their free time, and most importantly the soul create unique decorative elements, or toys in patchwork technique. 

Fabrics for patchwork (photo)

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