A variety of benches in the hall: 5 popular options

A variety of benches in the hall: 5 popular options

12 October 2017

Bench can significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of the hall and make it more functionalThe bench can significantly improve the aesthetic quality of the hallway and make it more functional create a cozy atmosphere in the house - the main task of all, without exception. Entrance hall room is the most frequently visited in the house. All included certainly fall into this room. Some guests did not even pass on the corridor, for example - the postman or courier. The first impression of the host it develops design hallway. Furniture in the interior plays an important role, it is the style and design highlights. Furniture for anteroom selected individually by size and type of the room layout.

Bench in the hall: 5 options

The hallway bench is also needed as a clothes hanger or shelf for shoes. On the bench you can sit down to put shoes on or take off their shoes, put the grocery bags lady's handbag or just sit on the track. Spacious hallways instead of the bench put a comfortable soft sofa, but not very large corridors well do the bench.

An excellent option is to purchase a bench that provides space for slippersAn excellent option is to purchase a bench that provides space for slippers

In addition, options to choose weight:

  1. Wooden benches practical, made in different styles of wood. These benches will last very long, they can be decorated with a variety of decorative pillows. Made of solid wood, and have a beautiful natural pattern.
  2. Benches made of chipboard - not a very expensive option. They tend to be quite functional, have a rumble seat and roomy drawers underneath.
  3. Hallway decoration can be forged bench. Function it performs both - it can sit, it is strong enough, last a long time. For it necessarily soft seat can replace it soft comfortable cushion.
  4. For a modest interior suitable bench in a metal frame. Comfortable and practical for a small entrance hall is a great option, does not stand out in the interior, it does not take up much space.
  5. Popular in use braided bench. It is no different strength, but very attractive in their appearance. Beautiful weave of vines create different softness in the interior to the same green material used to manufacture them.

Choose a bench needed based on the functionality required for further use in the corridor.

If a bench in the hallway is necessary only as a place to sit, you can select or forged metal frame. To store some things will ideally choose benches with internal drawers additional shelves. And if you need more space for shoes, then you should purchase the design bench with shelf for shoes. Most compatible functions in the benches of the headset. They can combine all the boxes and shelves, some have a special compartment for umbrellas, and hooks for bags.

The couch in the hall: a comfortable tradition

Use in the interior hallway couch has become a tradition. A handy piece of furniture appeared in the 18th century and in the 19th it became a compulsory subject and has been used mainly in the women's quarters. Gradually there were various options as desired piece of furniture, they were used in the living room. Couches and popular in modern times.

Upholstered couch with back - a great piece of furniture, on which it is pleasant to sit down after a hard day's workUpholstered couch with back - a great piece of furniture, on which it is pleasant to sit down after a hard day's work

The couch in the hall is placed as a seat when the interior is designed in classic style or Baroque - is especially beautiful and impressive furniture.

Modern couches have different shapes and are made in multiple embodiments:

  • Wooden couch;
  • Upholstered couch with drawers;
  • Couch with forged elements;
  • Leather couch, ottoman;
  • Rollaway.

In addition, they come in with back and without it, with armrests or without them. The armrests may be present in part - either on one side only or one grade and a second slightly reduced. Hallway selected based on the corridor area sizes.

The hallways headsets often a built-in couch. If the room is a spacious hallway, you can set the three-dimensional soft couch like a big armchair. In the small corridor couch perfectly replace benches and ottomans. The soft part of the couch can be made of different materials from the textile fabrics to natural leather covering. Next to the couch you can place the coffee table silt cabinet with decorative drawers.

Wrought iron bench in the hallway: Ideas

An excellent embodiment of the seating in the hall is a forged bank. The original appearance of the product harmoniously fit into the interior, will give the room a finished look and beautify it. Soft surface bench easy to pick up for any design plan.

Wrought iron bench will fit well into the interior, made in classic styleWrought iron bench will fit well into the interior, made in classic style

It can be various designer pillows or soft comfortable mattress. Pillows can be diluted with a strict view of the bench, to give color and diversity.

For this type of bench is not required a large area of ​​the corridor, benches several options:

  • Wrought iron bench lengthened;
  • Bench compact;
  • Forged chair;
  • Forged stool.

Forged bench fits perfectly into the hall, a practical material, does not corrode, is performed for the order, if desired. View forged products aesthetic, which is especially important for small hallways. Forged stool combines also a shelf for shoes is very functional for a small hallway.

Functional upholstered bench with compartment hallway

A good option for the hall is upholstered bench with drawers. Production of a great variety of options, convenient shop, you can make your own hands. Very exclusive looks trunk converted into a bench.

Bench with storage compartment allows you to not only sit on it, but also to place various things, such as shoesBench with storage compartment allows you to not only sit on it, but also to place various things, such as shoes

Its cover is upholstered with a soft material or foam based padding polyester, sidewalls decorated or drape, and the inner compartment is the volume and is used for storing various items.

Factory is a bench upholstered hallway has a variety of options:

  • Bench with drawers below;
  • Boxes underneath the bench braided;
  • Bench with drawers side;
  • Bench with drawers and shelves for shoes.

Multiple options are presented in the furniture market. Wicker boxes in sets look original, spacious and practical. Boxes side benches form an additional area where you can put a variety of magazines, or put a vase with flowers, and a variety of boxes at a depth suitable for the storage of objects. Bench Box bottom may have a different number of shelves, hinged or sliding door. Shelf for shoes is typically under the bench, and the boxes with one or two sides of the bench, a very capacious embodiment.

Comfortable bench in the hall (video)

In conclusion, an excellent budget option offering furniture company Ikea. Shoe rack combined with the bench of good quality materials of wood - hardwood or pine.

Examples of the bench in the hall (photo interior)

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