A beautiful staircase in a wooden house: all the differences and advantages

A beautiful staircase in a wooden house: all the differences and advantages

12 October 2017

For a wooden house is necessary to choose the right model of the stairsFor a wooden house is necessary to choose the right model lestnitsyNa Today the market is full of different models of ladders from a variety of materials: metal, concrete, wood and other. But the market is always oriented to the majority, and therefore - to the house of the blocks, bricks and concrete. But the owners of wooden houses have to spend a lot of time before they find a suitable ladder model. Of course, it is possible to agree with the designer and craftsman, together you can come up with something original. But the price of individual orders, as a rule, is very high. Following our guidelines you will be able to choose a suitable ladder of market offerings, as well as to know what to look at individual orders.

What are the stairs to the wooden house: types of materials and models

Relatively speaking, in a wooden house can go up any stairs, it all depends on its interior.

You should also pay attention to the materials from which the ladder is and think that better fit into the overall design of your home.

The materials from which you can make the stairs:

  1. Metal;
  2. A rock;
  3. Plastic;
  4. Tree.

These are the four basic materials, which can be found on the market, and they work with private master. Each material has both its strengths and weaknesses.

For stairs in a wooden house, you can use different kinds of materialsFor stairs in a wooden house, you can use different kinds of materials

But the most cheap plastic material is considered, and the most expensive - stone. However, keep in mind that the ladder of plastic greatly inferior in quality stone, metal and wood products.

Apart from the material, the second important parameter when choosing the stairs in the house is its appearance.

There are several types of ladders:

  1. Marching;
  2. screw;
  3. Hanging ladder.

The most common type of stairs are marching model. They are divided into direct and rotary designs, depending on the characteristics of the room or the customer's preferences.

Spiral staircases look more unusual, and meet them in their homes - a rarity. They made a spiral shape and can be installed anywhere in the room.

Hanging stairs, as called ladders and rails - it's construction, located on a special beam, mounted on the wall.

Remember that in addition to the original type, spiral staircases and still occupy less space than a mid-flight and hanging.

Advance to discuss all the details of future ladder:

  1. Dimensions;
  2. The number of stages;
  3. Making handrail;
  4. The overall appearance ladder;
  5. Additional finishing (burning, thread, etc.).

Keep in mind that the more difficult will be your order - the more will have to pay money for the wizard.

Entrance staircase in a wooden house: suitable structure

Wooden porch - perhaps the best option for a wooden house. Wood with wood will always look organic, and you can only make the appropriate measurements, which are described below and find sensible master.

Advantages of wooden stairs:

  1. It is best to emphasize the interior of a wooden house;
  2. The relatively low cost of manufacture;
  3. You can find many designs of wooden stairs in the public domain;
  4. The opportunity to paint the stairs in any desired color;
  5. With due skill, you can make a wooden ladder on their own.

In addition to the obvious advantages of the wooden stairs, there are drawbacks.

For a wooden house porch of the same material - the best optionFor a wooden house porch of the same material - the best option

Disadvantages of wooden stairs:

  1. The need to impregnate the ladder each year with special substances for preventing putrefaction process;
  2. A shorter lifetime than the metal and stone products;

Do not forget that a tree - a natural and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, if you seek to be placed in the house as little as possible artificial products, wooden staircase - your choice.

Metal staircase in a wooden house: so it will be safer

The second option in the wooden house is a metal staircase. With the proper approach, it can be like to join the interior of a room and create a contrast with the wooden decor of the house.

If you choose a metal ladder, you should first of all get acquainted with pictures and projects of stairs on the Internet to find the most desired option. And then make the appropriate measurements and refer to the master or a locksmith company.

Metal staircase in a wooden house - a pledge of reliability designMetal staircase in a wooden house - a pledge of reliability design

Remember that the appeal to the private master, most likely, will be cheaper than the intermediary agency.

Proportional staircase in a wooden house: sizes and measurements

Faithful measurements - a guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the end result and get the right size ladder.

What measurements should be done:

  1. The height of stairs (from the floor to the aperture);
  2. Direction (rotation) ladder;
  3. aperture itself.

Before you start tinkering ladder is necessary to make measurementsBefore you start tinkering ladder is necessary to make measurements

All measurements are best mark on a paper sheet in the form of a drawing, and then send it to the master.

Bathroom under the stairs in a wooden house

If you have chosen a stairway, the space-saving can be placed underneath the closet, dressing room and bathroom.

Bathroom under the stairs-not come very wide, but for additional or even basic toilet seat will be enough.

Please note that the toilet may be placed under the stairs only if the floor space enough to make a person unable to stand up.

Bathroom in a wooden house can be placed under the stairwayBathroom in a wooden house can be placed under the stairway

If you choose a model stairs and rails, then formed beneath the place can be filled with kitchen unit and shelves for clothes. But with a spiral staircase, unfortunately, nothing has come up with will not work: it is in itself takes up little space.

As the ladder is mounted in a wooden house with his own (video)

Also do not forget that the first step in the construction of the staircase is opening in the ceiling size. Services from the beginning of the project and up to the end result, you can order a many construction companies, and if you have experience of working with wood - and then themselves able to create your favorite escape.

Practical ladder in wooden houses (photo options)

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