5, the advantages of liquid wallpaper: characteristics of the material for the wall decor

12 October 2017

Liquid wallpaper - a great alternative bored web rollLiquid wallpaper - a great alternative bored web roll Many designers prefer to use the liquid wallpaper, abandoning the usual roller blades. Due to this coating for the walls can take care of creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room bringing to it something new and different.

What is a liquid wallpaper, and why they are so popular

Liquid wallpaper - represent a finishing material for surfaces which has the form of a dry and crumbly mixture. Often, such coatings consist of cotton, cellulose, or other materials. Manufacturers produce liquid wallpaper is packaged in special plastic bags (1 kg).

Between liquid wallpaper and traditional web roll has nothing to do, because this material in its composition is similar to the decorative plaster.

At its core are a variety of liquid wallpaper decorative plasterAt its core are a variety of liquid wallpaper decorative plaster

To repair liquid wallpaper have been used in residential premises or public places. However, they should not be used as a surfacing material in rooms where there is excessive humidity (bathrooms and kitchens). Indeed, under the influence of moisture, this cover is often damaged.

How are liquid wallpaper on the wall surface

Special liquid mixture will be a great solution if you want to no seams on the surfaces of walls, without which it is impossible to do while using the web roll.

It should be noted that the liquid wallpaper on the wall look like ordinary wallpaper. The main difference here is the composition of the material. Thanks to the natural ingredients possible to hide even the smallest flaws on the surface, as well as take care of the spectacular decoration of the room.

Due to the fact that the composition of the liquid mixture includes natural components of many designers prefer to work with this material.

Liquid wallpaper in appearance similar to normal, but at the same time, they are more environmentally friendly and durableLiquid wallpaper in appearance similar to normal, but at the same time, they are more environmentally friendly and durable

For example, in the bedroom, this option will be to repair the most appropriate. After all, natural components provide the best climate for relaxing in the room, creating a natural atmosphere. Due to the existence of a plurality of liquid wallpaper options, choose the most suitable material is not difficult.

Today very popular mix several coloring mixture. This makes it possible to achieve surprising results in the interior. Very impressive liquid wall will look when they are applied on a particular section of the wall. So unable to focus on a specific area in the room.

Liquid wallpaper: the pros and cons of the material

Like any finishing materials, liquid wallpaper have their pros and some cons.

What are the advantages of such coatings:

  1. Appearance. The structure in all species of this material is the same type, because the manufacturers use homogeneous fiber. Therefore, to achieve a variety of liquid coatings fibrous fillers used in different shades. There exclusive pattern with an ordered pattern, but their price is much higher than conventional liquid coatings.
  2. Easy to restore. If damage has occurred it is possible to independently recover a portion after application of the liquid mixture. It is therefore recommended not to throw away the remnants of the material after the completion of finishing works.
  3. No need to pre-prepare the wall. Due to the fact that this material is a decorative plaster with its help it is possible to align the surface, making a perfectly smooth wall.
  4. Characterized by insulation and do not attract dust. These advantages make it possible to facilitate the cleaning of the room and create a room atmosphere of warmth and comfort even in extreme cold.
  5. Life time. The liquid mixture can be called life (15-20 years), and even after that time, the wall does not lose its appeal.

Even a novice can self-repair in the room with the help of this coating.

Few know, however, liquid wallpaper is also an excellent thermal insulatorFew know, however, liquid wallpaper is also an excellent thermal insulator

But it should be noted minor flaws liquid wallpaper. Material afraid of water. To solve this problem it is recommended to use an additional primer or acrylic lacquer. Price liquid wallpaper - due to the high cost of this coating is often used to highlight certain area in the room.

What are liquid wallpaper: types and composition of the coating for the walls

The material for the walls will have a flat shape only after application to a wall. The initial form of the mixture is dry and particulate. The wallpaper smallest cotton fiber, cellulose or silk. There also add special dyes and many other components.

The ornamental species manufacturers add expensive materials (pieces of linen or cotton). In addition to create unusual effects are used nacre, as well as wool.

Due to the fact that the composition of liquid Wallpaper varied materials come in several forms.


Refer to the budget category. They have a low wear resistance. In addition such a coating may quickly lose its color.

Cellulosic liquid wallpaper is a budget solution with some major drawbacksCellulosic liquid wallpaper is a budget solution with some major drawbacks


Such types of liquid wallpaper consist of special silk fibers. They are characterized by their durability and excellent quality. If you compare this with other material, the mixture is well keeps its color when exposed to sunlight, so a mixture of silk earned the most positive reviews.

Silk wallpaper - more expensive solution, however, the list of their virtues is also quite impressiveSilk wallpaper - more expensive solution, however, the list of their virtues is also quite impressive


This type combines the two above species. Unfortunately, this material is not able to compete with silk wallpaper, but this kind of found its consumers and is qualitatively simple cellulose.

Liquid decorative materials tend to have other differences in particular in its application. Some mixtures must be dilute with water (instruction necessarily must be used) and can immediately begin working with them.

However, there is another kind of liquid wallpaper, which is always white. To obtain the desired shade is impossible to do without special skills to work with different dyes. Therefore, only the professionals engaged in the creation of the necessary shade.

Combined wallpaper - an optimal combination of price and qualityCombined wallpaper - an optimal combination of price and quality

Properties of liquid wallpaper: Features and Specifications

Focusing on the liquid wallpaper as a finishing material, not necessarily to resort to the assistance of masters. After all, this option repairs suitable even for people who have never had dealings with him. Important properties of this material - the ability to apply wallpaper on all surfaces of the walls, as well as the ability to form a uniform coating.

If you plan to work with problem areas, should be applied primer. This condition is necessary so that the end result was a high quality and on the wall does not have dust spots. And to increase the moisture resistance coating may be applied on top of this material is an acrylic lacquer.

Another useful feature is the ability of liquid wallpaper correct various damage to the coating.

With liquid wallpaper surface quite easily remove various damageWith liquid wallpaper surface quite easily remove various damage

To the wall acquired a normal appearance, should be carefully remove the portion that is damaged, then use a fresh coat of material.

When working with liquid wallpaper should take care that the temperature does not fall below 15 ° C.

Whether liquid wallpaper are harmful to human health

Through the description of liquid wallpaper, you should answer the question: "Do not have any negative effect of the coating on the man?"

Due to the fact that the material of the wall has a microporous structure, as well as a small roughness of the wallpaper does not create a negative impact on a person, that is, they are not harmful to health.

Liquid wallpaper is absolutely harmless to human healthLiquid wallpaper is absolutely harmless to human health

On the contrary to make repairs of surfaces by means of such a coating, the room is created:

  1. Normal insulation. Through this room it is possible to achieve favorable conditions for life.
  2. Confrontation dust accumulation. Furthermore, the material does not absorb various odor. Such a useful life in quality is achieved due to high antistatic properties.
  3. Soundproofing. This feature is inherent in liquid wallpaper, but you can not completely get rid of the outside noise.

The material is not toxic. Due to the use for the production of liquid mixtures of various natural ingredients wallpaper has no adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, this coating often found in the rooms of people suffering from various allergies, and children.

Consumer reviews and advice masters

As any material liquid mixture are positive and completely opposite responses. Often the negative comments left those consumers who are faced with the problem of applying the mixture. As a result, the expected result was not achieved. Unfortunately, this happens, if there are violations in the finishing process technology.

Proper surface preparation prior to the application of liquid wallpaper is crucialProper surface preparation prior to the application of liquid wallpaper is crucial

To avoid problems it is recommended to choose the most appropriate tools and handle the problem areas of the wall primer.

Experienced Master advise necessarily beginners surface preparation, and use as a helper application instructions. This will make the wall perfectly smooth coating that will delight owners for many years. Therefore, before reading the negative reviews had better pay attention to the opinion of professionals.

How are liquid wallpaper (video)

Liquid wallpaper rightly deserve the attention of consumers. After all, they can be used to decorate any room. Thanks to the natural ingredients and ease of application to work with such material can be even people who do not have the necessary skills. Such a coating copes with masking of small defects of the walls and becomes a decorative ornament in the room. Therefore, if you want to achieve a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the interior should adopt a liquid wallpaper. 

Design liquid wallpaper (photos)

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