5 rules of lilac wallpaper

5 rules of lilac wallpaper

12 October 2017

Lilac perfectly freshens interior, making it popular among designersLilac perfectly freshens interior, making it popular among designers Proper use of lilac color or shades will add freshness to the interior, distinguished as highlight some of the items of decor or furniture, and put the emphasis in the right place.

This year, all the shades of lilac gained a second youth, inspiring not only popular designers, but also newcomers to the creation of exciting projects that will please owners for a long time, and to add to the room warmth, comfort and a stylish flair.

Purple wallpaper in the interior: the latest solutions and new ideas

Wallpaper violet hue symbolizes the arrival of spring, blooming of the most fragrant flowers - violets and lilac bushes. The correct combination of this shade will not look for extraordinary solutions, and focus on a few vivid detail, excellent harmony with the wallpaper.

The modern market of construction products allows you to choose different solutions, which will play a lilac:

  • In the form of geometric shapes and abstractions using these shades;
  • Plain wallpaper, with the presence of different textures - roughness, softness and hairiness, the smooth gloss;
  • Using lilac flower ornaments or dark purple.

Adding to the interior of purple gives not only the bedroom and living room but tenderness, tranquility and an extraordinary mind.

By combining different shades of lilac color, as well as wallpapers of different textures, you can get a very harmonious interiorBy combining different shades of lilac color, as well as wallpapers of different textures, you can get a very harmonious interior

Children's room is better to dilute the more calm and pastel tones, not to get a sharp transition and do not overdo it with the presence of accents.

Interesting and unusual look wallpaper, which combines different textures, but there is one main color. The use of such tricks in the interior often requires the use of expensive furniture or exquisite detail, the color of harmony with the texture and allows you to be a leader in this area.

What color purple wallpaper combined

Purple color is a leader because it is different saturation, and even use it in several parts will make them a major part of the room. A feature of lilac color is that lovers of this color will not have depression and gloom in the room, even if they use it in large quantities.

Black and white colors are best combined with lilac wallpaperBlack and white colors are best combined with lilac wallpaper

Most harmoniously they are combined with white and black, diluting the interior and adding it elegance and style.

Additionally, you can use some neutral shades - pale milky, gray, using them mainly in furniture or solid size accents.

What is the color of the sofa to fit purple wallpaper

In the bedroom, a person wants to relax, unwind and get the maximum energy for the day, so experts advise to apply a minimum of bright colors and shades, adding peace and tranquility. The most practical and convenient is the embodiment in which the purple color is bed linen and curtains, and furniture will play a neutral role and will be white in color. Such combinations have become increasingly popular, but the beginning they received from France, transforming the style of Provence in a modern direction.

For the interior in purple flowers best suited light colored sofaFor the interior in purple flowers best suited light colored sofa

Help emphasize the room fresh or dried lavender bouquet, which will give the room a pleasant fragrance fills it with energy and will provide strong and healthy sleep.

Living underline purple color of the sofa in the bright colors, it will fit any style, no matter how intriguing it was not. For the dark room is better to use a light shade curtains, interspersed with small lilac color, it will help to achieve an increase and extension of the room. Fabric is necessary to buy a light, translucent, to permit maximum light.

Purple wallpaper for the walls in the interior of the kitchen: design features

Kitchen space is one of the most visited places in the house, so important rule of good design is to create harmony, comfort and desire to be here a little longer. In the kitchen, in order to save and practicality to the purple wallpaper is better to use furniture in dark colors, which is easy to wipe off or wash off in the event of contamination.

Purple wallpaper in the kitchen interior will also be quite appropriatePurple wallpaper in the kitchen interior will also be quite appropriate

In harmony with such a design are white tulle, they will add lightness and airiness of the room, raising the level of skill of the designer.

Gender experts recommend to do with the use of tile or linoleum, mainly light-colored, equipment must comply with the general colors and repeat the shade or furniture, or tile.

Fashion Prints: wallpaper with lilac flowers

Gentle any room accentuate wallpaper with purple colors, this print is at the peak of popularity in recent years and encouraged many of its simplicity, harmony and ease of combining it with love style. Tandem make them suitable for the texture or color of the curtains. Harmony of the room to add some decorative elements that will create a special mood and tune in a positive way.

Purple wallpaper with prints in the form of flowers are especially relevant in this seasonPurple wallpaper with prints in the form of flowers are especially relevant in this season

An equally important factor in the creation of a harmonious design for the room is the use of high-quality and properly placed lighting.

To help professionals come not only massive chandeliers, beautiful lamps, but also spotlights located either in a particular corner of the room or around the perimeter of the ceiling. Fans of suspended ceilings have a good think about the combination of colors and their use in the interior to avoid oversaturation of lilac shade and a sense of coldness in the room.

designers Tips

  1. If a person prefers a quieter interior, but wants to small blotches of purple, you will need to try to find a similar color cushions, vases and paintings. These items make up the harmony and focus on details.
  2. Perfect as a classic noble gold, able to frame this shade, giving his royal lineage and gorgeous saturation.
  3. Room size is also important - large can afford a solid number of purple, and small - only certain parts.
  4. To expand the space there interesting Mural - they have a number of vertical or horizontal stripes arranged parallel to each other. Their color varies from light to dark, creating a gradient effect.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes allow visually increase the height of the roomWallpaper with vertical stripes allow visually increase the height of the room

Experts advise to use regular wallpaper, decorated with geometric patterns, or abstraction, close to the base color. Like wallpaper not permitted to allocate an entire room, and part of the wall, emphasizing located in the corner of the furniture.

Purple interiors (video)

In conclusion, now beginning to conquer the market and wallpaper with 3D drawing, where the flowers appear as if alive. Price range of similar products is quite high, but is offset by attractive appearance and stylish twist. The range of such products is big enough and will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Design lilac wallpaper (photos)

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