5 ideas for using blue wallpaper

5 ideas for using blue wallpaper

12 October 2017

Wallpaper blue are versatile and will look appropriate in any premisesWallpaper blue are versatile and will look appropriate in any pomescheniyahSiny color found in the interior quite a long time. During the formation accounts for the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. But to date, this color is relevant, fresh and interesting. It is actively used in creating a new interior. The blue color refers to the cool colors, so when you use it is important to bear in mind that the room should be a lot of light, and the room should be warm interior, otherwise the room will be visually uncomfortable and cold.

Blue wallpaper in the interior: features selection

Wallpaper blue distinguished by luxury and elegance.

This color helps to:

  • calm;
  • slackness;
  • Rest.

Blue wallpapers are widely used for decoration of almost every room in the house. Preference is given to blue wallpaper in finishing the bedroom and bathroom.

The blue color can be of different colors, each of which also helps to give the room an individual and personal touch.

Wallpaper sky-blue bedroom in soothe, promote comfortable restWallpaper sky-blue bedroom in soothe, promote comfortable rest

For example, a lighter shade of blue visually expands the space and dark shades visually reduce the room to a large extent. It is therefore better to use the color in the room, where a lot of windows.

Terms of Use blue and white wallpaper

The combination of white and blue wallpaper is classic and very popular. This combination of pleasant to the human eye, since at the subconscious level of white in combination with blue resembles a beautiful clear blue sky with clouds floating by. For example, the blue color of the walls can be trimmed with white furniture. Then, the resulting design will be a full and complete before the end.

The combination of blue and silver shades wallpaper is considered to be a royal, because it is a combination of the colors found in the robes of the rulers of Europe.

This combination looks better with a large predominance of blue with small patches of silver. Help supplement the interior forged vases, candlesticks, pillows and other accessories.

Blue background: wallpaper and variations thereof

Each color has a specific meaning and can hide a particular emotional state. This fact is proved by psychologists and research.

The contrasting colors of the wallpaper in white and blue stripes will bring the interior member of freshness and lightnessThe contrasting colors of the wallpaper in white and blue stripes will bring the interior member of freshness and lightness

Color therapy has proven that blue color promotes immersion in yourself, in your dreams, fantasies. It is the color integrity of magic and freedom. It helps to relax, relieve stress, tension, stabilizes blood pressure and extinguishes unpleasant emotions.

Wallpaper of blue suited for people who are constantly on their toes, but have the desire to live in harmony with themselves and the world around. Typically, these people are in need of peace.

For creative individuals will be interesting combination of blue with bright shades of yellow and orange. Dark background with yellow accents will look very dynamic and modern, the combination is preferred, young people or teenagers.

Wallpaper dark blue for the walls: the style features

The dark blue color is characterized by its depth. But the room papered with wallpaper that color will cause the human need for physical rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is believed that it is better to choose a color for the room in which a person will rest or sleep, for example, a dark blue wallpaper can pokleit in the bedroom.

Blue wallpaper in the office building will set up a productive way, provide the necessary comfort at the workplaceBlue wallpaper in the office building will set up a productive way, provide the necessary comfort at the workplace

To achieve the correct result when using blue wallpaper, you must know how to combine this color with lighting and dimensions of the room.

Rules of combination of dark blue wallpaper

  1. Living room. Using blue dark shades for the living room, it is important to ensure sufficient penetration of light, otherwise the room will turn very cold, dark, and it will be difficult. In the living room the blue needs to be diluted, in which can be a light furniture.
  2. Bedroom. Proper use of blue wallpaper in the sleeping room can arrange a normal rest and sleep, because proper inclusion of blue will help to relax and calm. If in the bedroom a lot of windows, the blue, you can paste over the walls. If, however, a small room, and it is not sufficiently lit, the blue, you can decorate one wall.
  3. Kitchen and dining room. Kitchen blue is an example of a practical background. This background can easily hide small stains water stains and other errors. Blue wallpaper in the dining room will be best combined with wooden furniture. However, using the blue color for the kitchen or dining room decoration is important to know that this color helps to reduce appetite.
  4. Children. For a child's room blue it is common and classic option, especially if the infant to the boy. It is also important to know that the color blue promotes calm that is an important fact for transition-age child. If the room is living a preschooler, this color will go perfectly with a variety of drawings.
  5. Office. Blue is a good color for the design of the working area. It contributes to increased productivity and the perception of information.
  6. Bathroom. For many, water is associated with the blue and this is true, because the blue like nothing better harmony with the freshness and purity. And today, the blue color is popular in the interior of the bathroom.
  7. Hallway. Due to the lack of light in the territory of the hall to use the blue color, the darker shades is undesirable.

If the hall is performed after all in blue, it is important to take care of sufficient artificial light.

Black and blue wallpaper

The combination of black and blue is quite rare. Black shade enhances the effect of the cold blue wallpaper. Such a union is not desirable for small spaces.

The combination of blue and black colors in the interior - a bold stylistic solution that will underline the individual character of the roomThe combination of blue and black colors in the interior - a bold stylistic solution that will underline the individual character of the room

If the room is very big and it has a lot of light, for you can try to use this black-and-blue combination.

Designers offer to use as the main blue and black used as a decorative finish. With the help of black can emphasize the shape, creating an elegant and refined image of the room.

Blue wallpaper with gold: the nobility of the design space

The combination of blue and gold color in the design allows to get a very sharp contrast. Also interesting combination is obtained by combining gold with greenish hues.

Blue wallpaper, decorated with gold, give the room a wealth rigor. This combination is suitable for living rooms, rooms that are spacious and lots of light.

The blue color in the interior (video)

The blue color is a popular shade for finishing various premises. Skillful combination with other colors and choosing the desired shade. It will create a comfortable and harmonious space. Today, blue wallpaper continue to enjoy great popularity. A large range of colors and various patterns allows to realize any design idea of ​​an interior.

Blue wallpaper in the interior of the apartment (photo)

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