10 rules decor: dark wallpaper in the interior

12 October 2017

Use dark wallpaper in the interior can be given the lighting, room size, room style and decorUse dark wallpaper in the interior can be given the lighting, room size, style and furnishings pomescheniyaSoblyudaya rules for choosing the wallpaper and interior design can create a unique design. So it's worth a closer look at what options are better to pick up what dark wallpapers are optimized for stick in the room, because not everyone can be a long time in the dark interior. Choose the color of the wallpaper should be based on room size, lighting and decor in the room, style and interior design.

Dark wallpaper in the interior of the dwelling

Brown wallpaper ideal for arranging the background of the sleeping room, study room or living room.

It is important to remember that if the tone is dark brown, it will be perfectly combined with warm colors, silver, gold and white palette, and in front of bright shades of brown fit perfect combination with the dark tones of the furniture, decor items and accessories.

Wallpaper dark tones blend well with furniture and accessories of warm and bright colorsWallpaper dark tones blend well with furniture and accessories of warm and bright colors

In the room with dark wallpaper looks great white furniture, a classic of the genre, a win-win interior design. Designers typically use a dark background in the bedroom, because thanks to this room creates a peaceful atmosphere, calm, relax.

Complement dark background blotches of different colors, for example:

  • red;
  • milk;
  • green;
  • Yellow.

Dark wallpaper may not necessarily be brown. Today it is urgent to draw walls in dark green colors, dark blue or dark gray palette. Dark purple wallpaper today to enjoy great popularity among designers. Selling purple color indicates that such a background suitable for almost any style under the direction of minimalism to neo-Gothic. In the room with a dark purple wallpaper which is located near the white furniture and a black interior.

It is important to realize that the dark wallpaper in the bedroom or any other room, does not mean that the room would be lifeless, dull and gloomy.

It was dark background gives a chance to create a unique interior, the most important thing to take advantage of the services of a professional designer.

Bright wallpaper and dark floor, the dark wallpaper and bright floor - what options combinations

A dark floor and bright wallpaper and wallpaper dark and light contrast and the floor is very effective interior solutions. For small rooms ideal dark floor and bright walls, it allows you to expand the space of a small room visually. If the laminate or linoleum dark and light wall, make sure it is necessary to make the dark spots in the form of decorative panels, doors, decorative elements. It is also important to take into account the room lighting, sunlight and not to overdo it with a dark color.

As a dark palette fit all shades of brown. If the combination of the opposite, namely, dark wallpaper light floor, it is important to understand that trimmed in such a way will be the room visually, so this color combination is usually used in large and spacious rooms. This combination is not recommended for use in the kitchen or the hallway, because the light will be visible once the floor of any contamination.

Light floor and dark wallpaper visually reduce the room, so used in large roomsLight floor and dark wallpaper visually reduce the room, so used in large rooms

Visually enlarge the space with dark wallpaper design techniques will help the following:

  1. Designers recommend placing a mirror on the wall, it is visually expand the space.
  2. You can make the walls and the light and dark wallpaper.
  3. Expand the space of additional lighting can be placed on the wall sconces, put the original lamp. The special charm of the room will give colored lights.

Following basic tips designers can create a harmonious interior. The most important thing is not to overdo it with a dark color.

What pokleit wallpaper in a dark room: Designer Tips

The problem is very dark rooms faced by many. Dark room can be not only in a small apartment on this effect are not insured and the inhabitants of country houses. Even if the house is on the sunny side, it does not always save from excessive gloom in the room.

As for finishing the room with wallpaper, it is important to remember: only light wallpaper suitable for dark rooms.

Interior poorly lit room suitable blonde wallpaperInterior poorly lit room suitable blonde wallpaper

The ideal color option - is:

  • Beige;
  • pistachio;
  • Cream;
  • Citric;
  • Golden;
  • Yellow.

Light colors should be bright and cheerful, thanks to this room will be more pleasant. Nice mix colors or placed on one of the walls Mural, which depicts the solar wood. Help brighten the room wallpaper with discreet pattern, it should not be dark and large. If the preference was given to self-colored wallpaper, the one of the walls should be made of a different color wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the dark living room: how to choose the finish for a small room

And what wallpaper will be perfect for small dark room? A good idea for the main rooms of the house - it is a combination of several bright colors. The lightest color of the wallpaper glue is necessary for the most unlit wall. Also do not forget about the decor elements, some live, bright accents add interior mood and positive. To make a dark room brighter and more alive than is necessary in the selection of wallpaper to pay attention to the texture of the material.

For small and dark living rooms suitable light colors wallpaper with glossy surfaceFor small and dark living rooms suitable light colors wallpaper with glossy surface

For a small dark living room is better to choose the following types of wallpaper:

  • vinyl;
  • textile;
  • For painting;
  • paper;
  • Fleece.

Should refuse from matte wallpaper with deep texture. But better to prefer a glossy material that will reflect the rays, thus adding little sunlight room. If you were thinking about with embossed finish coating material, they should be immediately out of my mind, as these wallpapers engulf the already poor room lighting.

The right combination of light and dark wallpaper in the interior

Beautiful combination of colors in the interior of the room - this is the dream of every person who started the repairs. Today developed many ways of combining.

There are universal color matching methods:

  1. Easy to combine. This method is characterized by the use of two colors.
  2. Complex combination. This method involves a combination of more than two colors.
  3. Unconventional combination. The method involves combining more than three different colors.

Light and dark wallpaper combine the following ways: simple, complex or unusual combination ofLight and dark wallpaper combine the following ways: simple, complex or unusual combination of

With the combination of light and dark wallpaper, it is important to decide which one wants to see the result after the repair man. When using the light and dark tones of the colors will necessarily prevail. Blond wallpapers - this is not necessarily white or beige, it can be pink, peach and pistachio colors. The dark wall is a kind of an interesting accent in the room.

Excellent choice - it finishes in black and white wallpapered room. This combination of a bold, daring and interesting. Black and white wallpaper ideal for classic style or the stylistic direction of hi-tech.

Dark walls in the interior (video)

When glueing the dark wallpaper is important to remember that dark colors visually reduce the space. If you make a dark wall, and the other light, you can create a unique interior.


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